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Greater NW Team Championships

The Greater NW Team Championships took place the weekend of April 17-18, 1999 at Lake Stevens high school in Lake Stevens, Washington. This was the third year for the event which is co-sponsored by U.S.A. Everett and the Lake Stevens Wrestling Club. This year the tournament also included Cadets, Juniors and Opens and the team scoring was broken down into two groups, PeeWee-Schoolboy and Cadet-Junior. Open wrestlers competed but did not count in team scoring. In addition to the freestyle tournament and team scoring, a Greco-Roman tournament was held at the conclusion of the first event. This event was simply for kids to get experience in Greco-Roman wrestling and did not count in any team scoring. This year we also awarded an "Outstanding Wrestler" in each age group from PeeWee through Juniors. We would like to thank all the wrestlers, coaches and parents that attended the tournament and helped to make this a fun event.

The Kids team scoring portion of the event was heated with the top five teams within five points of each other. The top ten team scores are as follows:

1. Olympia Mat Rats--37 points.

2. Eastside--36 points.

2. U.S.A. Everett--35 points.

4. Sedro-Woolley--34 points.

5. Bethel--33 points.

6. Battleground--26 points.

7. AWE-Auburn--16 points.

8. Kitsap Ironmen--15 points.

9. Concrete Cobra's--11 points.

10. Lake Stevens--9 points.

In the high school age team division Lake Stevens reversed its Kids finish with a first place. Seven teams also entered a high school team in addition to their kids team and the final standings are as follows:

1. Lake Stevens--30 points.

2. U.S.A. Everett--21 points.

3. Olympia mat rats--16 points.

4. Sedro-Woolley--10 points.

5. AWE-Auburn--5 points.

6. Bethel--7 points.

7. Battleground--4 points.

The top ten combined team scores were as follows:

1. U.S.A. Everett--56 points.

2. Olympia Mat Rats--53 points.

3. Sedro-Woolley--44 points.

4. Bethel--40 points.

5. Lake Stevens--39 points.

6. Eastside--36 points.

7. Battleground--30 points.

8. AWE-Auburn--16 points.

9. Kitsap Ironmen--15 points.

10.Concrete Cobra's--11 points.

There were a number of outstanding wrestlers in the field, including several national champions. In choosing an "outstanding wrestler" a committee looked at number of wins, number of pins, level of competition, points scored against, etc. All the wrestlers who entered the tournament were "Outstanding" however we can only award one per bracket and they are as follows:

PeeWee's: Eric Kinder-60--Tacoma Toro's

Bantam: Derek Garcia-65--U.S.A. Everett

Midget: Jim Belleville-60--Olympia Mat Rats

Novice: Trevor Hall-70--Battleground

Schoolboy: Seth Thompson-100--Eastonville

Cadet: Jonny wicker-132--Sedro-Woolley

Junior: Buck Bisby-143--U.S.A. Everett

We hope that everyone who came to the tournament enjoyed themselves and plan on returning next year. If you have any input you would like to give us regarding the tournament, you may contact David Gilbertson, D.C. by email.