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Washington Wrestling Report
High School Rankings for 2010-11
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How to make your case for a ranking

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How to make your case for a ranking

How team ranking points are calculated


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Team Rankings Link 12/21  

All-Class by Gilbertson    -> 12/12 12/20 1/1 1/12 1/30 2/7
4A by Gilbertson      -> 12/24 1/9 1/22 1/30 2/7
3A by Lercher     -> 12/12 1/1 1/9 1/17 1/30 2/7 2/13
2A by Weger    -> 12/15 12/21 1/1 1/11 1/21 1/26 2/7 2/16
1A by J Cox    -> 12/16 12/24 1/1 1/11 1/25 1/30 2/7 2/15
B by M Cox     -> 12/22 1/22 2/10

Girls All-Class     -> 12/28 1/11 1/19 1/26    2/1    2/7    2/15


I do the All-Class rankings and each of the divisional rankings are done by people with a lot of knowledge for that particular WIAA grouping.  They also have a lot of dedication to be willing to do the rankings year after year.  Each divisional ranking has the name of the person responsible at the top of their page.  All emails should be sent to Dave Gilbertson and they in turn will be emailed to ALL the rankers so everyone shares the same info.  Please realize that any info you send to me on rankings will be forwarded to ALL the rankers UNLESS you ask me not to in your email so type your message accordingly.  This is an automatic function I do with all ranking related emails so send them to me first to ensure that all the rankers have the information.

Updated rankings will be produced at various times during the season and can be viewed by clicking on the links which are lower down the page on the left.

I would like to thank those people that have contributed to this effort by sending information and/or sharing their views with me on rankings. Whenever you see results of a big match-up that might alter the rankings, please notify me as I can not follow all the matches that occur. Post your thoughts on the   Message Board  as the purpose of the rankings is to recognize the kids and to give us old guys something to talk about.

Email: Dave Gilbertson

You are free to make a link to this page and that way your viewers will always be able to see the most current version of the rankings. If you reproduce the rankings the web site name and URL must be at the top of each page in the rankings so that a viewer will know where the rankings came from and who compiled them. I don't care if people print them out or email them to someone, just make sure the Washington Wrestling Report name and URL is at the top. Same thing goes for any media.  Newspaper can contact me at the above email if they would like to use the rankings. There will be no charge.

Final All-Class Ranking will be based on observations through the Mat Classic. These are only rankings and the opportunity is available for the top kids to wrestle each other at the Washington State Freestyle Championships.

It is very difficult to rank across the divisional lines when many of the top wrestlers have not had head-to-head match-ups to use as a comparison. I hope many of the wrestles will attend the state freestyle meet each year to test themselves.

If you see the rankings used in the newspaper or online please let me know so I can record the link for the future.  Email

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