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vs USA Everett (and friends)

We had a great time wrestling the Ohio All-Stars on July 15, 1999. This is a team of very talented wrestlers that knew how to scrap! We weren't able to provide matches for all the wrestlers but most of them had matches and some had as many as four matches that night. We would like to thank all the wrestlers from other clubs that came and wrestled with us to give Ohio as many matches as possible. Also a big thank you goes to Eric Mulsberry, the Everett High School coach who helped out by providing the wrestling room and the coaching in Ron's absence (he was headed to North Dakota for Nationals). We would also like to acknowledge Keith Kubec, Jeret Garcia and Bob Carlile for working as referees (a thankless but important job). You all did a great job. Last but not least is Bart, the Director of the Ohio All-Stars (and the coach you brought, I forgot his name). It's quite an task to take 24 kids on the road for six weeks. I hope that when he makes their plans for next year that they include a stop in Everett again. Next time we can see if we can make a bigger event of it and bring in some more of the best wrestlers in the state from other clubs.


USA Everett will be hosting the Ohio All-Stars in a dual meet on Thursday, July 15, 1999 at the Everett High School wrestling room. The starting time is 6:00 pm and the Address is 2416 Wetmore Ave in Everett. The Ohio All-Stars is a team composed of kids from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Maryland. Last year they competed in California as well as other states. This year the team went to the AAU Grand Nationals in MT and then down to Wyoming and Colorado. They just flew in from Colorado and will next be going to Canada. From there I believe they are going to Las Vegas and then to Southern California for the last several stops on their tour. Our team will be composed of USA Everett team members and the open spots will then be filled by wrestlers from around the state based on ability and availability.

We are especially interested in Schoolboys and Cadets since we only have 2-3 schoolboys and all our Cadets will be at Nationals. Look at the open slots below and call me if you have someone for a spot. The Ohio teams meet with the "Sons of Thunder" out of Bellingham has been canceled. If you are interested in wrestling on Thursday call David Gilbertson, D.C. at 425-338-0266. We still have a few open slots as of Thursday morning (7/15/99).



70 Dustin Brodmerkel 87N PA 6 2nd Tournament of Champions-1998
Jonny Gilbertson-3x state FS champ 4th at USAW Nationals 1999-70
Lance Palmer
87N OH 6 2nd Ohio Tournament of Champions -1999 Ross Lampers-74
74 Kevin Lipp 88N OH 5 2nd Ohio Tournament of Champions -1999
Michael Lomsdalen-75
Michael Rowe
4th Tournament of Champions-1999
Nathan Decker - 3x state FS champ
AAU Grand Nationals Triple champ-80
Bryan Wagner
5th AAU Grand Nationals FS-1998
Zach Burnett - 2x state FS champ
85 John Pycraft 87N OH 5 7th Ohio Tournament of Champions-1999 Maverick Port - 2x state FS champ-85
Josh Serene
4th Tournament of Champions-1999
Justin Davidson - Eastside-85
4th at USAW Nationals 1999
Clint Sponseller
1998 Ohio AAU Folkstyle State Champion
Greg Ford ?x state champ
94 Brandon MacWhinnie 86S PA 7 6th Tournament of Champions-1998
99 Tim Miller 85S OH 7 7th Tournament of Champions-1999 Tony Kubec - 3x state FS champ-100
100 Kyle Sheehan 85S OH 8 3X Greater Cleveland Catholic Wrestling Champion Brett Wagner-105?
110 Joe Jewett 84C NY 9 1st Tournament of Champions-1998 Joe Vanaman-105?
115 John Cosilmon 86S NY 7 3rd Tournament of Champions-1998 Jay Carlile 3X state champ

99 Tulsa Nationals champ-111
Chris Wilson
4th Tournament of Champions-1998
114 Tony Crespo 85S NJ 8 8th Tournament of Champions-1998 PG Gemin - 2nd GR state Cadet 99-110
112 David Incorvia 86S OH William Ward-110
122 Ricky Tippett 86S MD 7 1st Tournament of Champions-1998
120 Kent Smith 86S OH 6 5th Tournament of Champions-1998 Jon Decker- 99 GR state champ-122
120 Matt Lower 85S PA 8 AAU Grand National FS Champion-1998
126 Tom Clark 84C OH 9 2nd USA Regional Freestyle-1998 Frerichs-Kitsap 122?
135 Vince Gioiella 85S OH 8 2nd Tournament of Champions-1999
132 Joe Beeson 83C OH 9 2nd Tournament of Champions Fall Classic-1998 Chad Douglas
135 Brandon Foose 84C PA 9 3rd Tournament of Champions-1998
140 Ricky Frondorf 84C NJ 8 3rd Tournament of Champions-1999 Mike Anglada-145