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1996 Results and information

bulletWashington State Cadet Freestyle Results 1996
bulletWashington State Cadet Greco-Roman Results 1996
bulletWashington State Kids Freestyle Results 1996
bulletWestern Regionals Freestyle Results 1996 (Fresno, CA)
bulletWestern Regionals Greco-Roman Results 1996 (Fresno, CA)
bullet Espoir Nationals/FILA Jr. World Team Trials Freestyle results, May 16-17
bulletHawkeye Invitational May 17, 1997
bulletWashington State Kids Freestyle Tournament May 3-4, 1997
bulletNorseman Classic April 26, 1997
bulletWashington State Team Championships April 19, 1997
bulletRhino Classic 4/11-12/97
bulletI-5 West Coast Championships April 5, 1997
bullet"Steelclaw Classic" March 22, 1997
bulletBellingham Freestyle Classic 3/15/97
bulletPNW Freestyle classic 3/8/97
bulletNorthwest Collegiate Championships in Sedro-Woolley 1/25/97
bulletOregon Classic 12/28/96
bulletOregon Classic Qualifier 12/14/97

Espoir Nationals/FILA Jr. World Team TrialsFreestyle results, May 16-17, 1997

Otto Olson competed at the FILA Junior World Team Trials for USA Everett Wrestling. Otto is a three time high school state champion from Everett High who is now a freshman at the University of Michigan. Otto competed at the 167.75 lb weight class in both Greco-Roman and Freestyle. He was runner up in both styles in this tournament The 1st place winners later will compete for the USA Junior Team at the world championships later this year.

Hawkeye Invitational May 17, 1997

Jonny Gilbertson and JJ Pugh represented USA Everett Wrestling at the Hawkeye Invitational in Anacortes, WA on May 17, 1997. This is the last local tournament for the two wrestlers before they go to Butte, MT to compete in the Western Regionals Tournament. Gilbertson took first place at 60 lbs while Pugh took second at 70 lbs. Joining Gilbertson and Pugh in Montana will be Kelly, Kenny and Tony Kubec along with Andy Stephens.

Washington State Kids Freestyle Tournament May 3-4, 1997

USA Everett Wrestling sent ten wrestlers to the Kids State Tournament in Spokane, WA on May 3-4, 1997. Seven of the team members medaled with three of them winning state titles. In the ten and under group the team had champions at the first two weights. Kelly Kubec defeated his cousin, Kenny Kubec in a close 50 pound final while Jonny Gilbertson pinned Josh Hawn of Bethell in the 55 pound finals. Tony Kubec Pinned Jamie Schrader of Tacoma in the first round of the 12 and under 70 pound class. For Kelly, Jonny and Tony it was the second time they have each won a state title.

Also placing for USA Everett were JJ Pugh with third at 65 lbs while Matt Cooper was third at 14 and under 105 pounds. Andy Stephens, competing at 80 lbs finished in fifth place. Wrestlers who place in the top six at state qualify to go to the Western Regionals to be held in Butte, MT in June. Last year Jonny Gilbertson and Tony Kubec competed at Western Regionals and placed third in their respective weight groups. The Western Regionals comprises fourteen states.

Norseman Classic April 26, 1997

USA Everett Wrestling team sent six wrestlers to Silverdale, WA on April 26, 1997 to compete in the "Norseman Classic" tournament. All of the wrestlers medaled with first place finishes turned in by the Kubec brothers, Kelly and Tony, and by Jonny Gilbertson. Andy Stephens placed second while JJ Pugh and Kenny Kubec received bronze medals for finishing in third place. The six wrestlers will all be competing next week in Spokane at the Washington State Freestyle Championships.

The week of April 23-27, 1997 James Stephens and Boyd Ballard competed in the U.S. National Wrestling Championships in Orlando, FL. This is the "Open" tournament and included many of the wrestlers that were in the 1996 Olympics. Boyd placed 5th in the Greco-Roman Competition. Boyd and James were both state Champions in High School and competed in college. They also serve as assistant coaches to Ron Bessemer for USA Everett. At the same tournament they had the "Southeast Junior Regional Championships" for high school age wrestlers. Lee Ottow Placed 4th at 114.5 and Mike Bundy placed 3rd at 154 lbs.

On April 19-20, 1997 the Washington State Championships were held for High School age wrestlers in Ellensburg, WA. In the Cadet division(14-16 years old), Greco-Roman style, John Sharp and Tyson Springer won gold medals. Coyte Cooper and Mike Sullivan had second place finishes while Beau Minnick placed 3rd. Sean Winters and Vivi Gutierrez had 5th place finishes. Junior Greco-Roman(16-18) had Mike Bundy and Brandon Springer as state champions, Jon Maley with a silver, Lee Ottow in 3rd and Jordon Ottow taking a 4th. In the Cadet Freestyle competition the team had Tyson Springer and Coyte Cooper in first place, Beau Minnick in 3rdand Sean Winters in 4th. Junior division Freestyle had Brandon Springer again taking the title while Lee Ottow, Jordon Ottow, Mike Bundy and Jon Maley all placed third in their respective classes.

Besides winning a gold and a silver medal this weekend, Coyte Cooper was one of five USA Everett wrestlers that competed at the Cadet World Team Trials in Evanston, IL April 11-14, 1997. Coyte Placed 1st in both styles at the tournament and became the first cadet to make the US Cadet World team three times. Coyte will be traveling to India to compete in the Cadet World Championships this summer. The national Championships for the "University" division (18-24 years old) were held at the same location. James Stephens, one of the USA Everett coaches, competed and won first place in his weight class.

Washington State Team Championships April 19, 1997

USA Everett Wrestling entered the Washington State Team Championships held at Lake Stevens High School in Lakes Stevens, WA on April 19, 1997. The tournament was held for kids from 5 to 14 years of age. Placing first place were Kenny Kubec at 55 lbs midget, Jonny Gilbertson at 60 lbs midget, Tony Kubec at 75lbs novice and Matt Cooper at 110 lbs school boy. Finishing in 2ndplace were Kelly Kubec at 55 lbs midget, JJ Pugh at 65 lbs midget and Roger Richardson at 60 lbs novice. A third place finish was turned in by Cameron Zwaller at 50 lbs bantam while Cameron Wheeler and Chris Simpson finished in 4th place at and 70 lbs midget and 100 lbs school boy. Zach Zwaller placed 5th at 65 lbs novice.

As a team USA Everett finished in 5th place, with teams coming from all over the state. The final team standings were Lakewood "Airmen" from Tacoma and "Steelclaw" from Sedro Woolley tied for first with 37 points. Auburn finished in third place with 33 points while Lake Stevens edged out USA Everett for fourth place with 30 points. USA Everett totaled 29 points for fifth place with Olympia taking sixth.

Rhino Classic Greco-Roman and Freestyle Tournament April 11-12, 1997

This weekend the team competed at the "Rhino Classic" in Edmonds, WA. On April 11,1997 four of the atheletes came to Edmonds to compete in the Greco-Roman portion of the tournament. Medal winners in the 9-10 year old group were Kelly Kubec in 1st at 55, Kenny Kubec 3rd at 55, Jonny Gilbertson 2nd at 60. Tony Kubec placed 2nd at 75 in the 11-12 year old group.

On April 12, 1997 the rest of the wrestlers came to compete in the Freestyle portion of the tournament. Medal winners were as follows:

9-10 Year Olds

Kenny Kubec 1st at 55, Kelly Kubec 2nd at 55 and Jonny Gilbertson 2nd at 60 lbs.

11-12 Year Olds

Tony Kubec 2nd at 75 lbs.

13-14 Year Olds

Andy Stephens 1st at 85lbs.

15-16 Year Olds

Vivi Gutierrez 1st at 132 , Sean Winters 2nd at 112, Tyson Peterson 2nd at 143 and Beau Minnick 3rd at 154 lbs.

17-18 Year Olds

Mike Sullivan 1st at 191.5 lbs and Travis Peterson in 1st at 220 lbs.

I-5 West Coast Championships April 5, 1997

The I-5 West Coast Championships were held at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Marysville, WA on April 5, 1997. The tournament was very well attended with contestants coming from Alaska, Oregon, Idaho and California. USA Everett had a total of 34 wrestlers competing with eleven of them winning medals. In the 7-8 year old group Trase Pickering place 4th at 55lbs. In the 9-10 year old division the team sent four wrestlers with all four placing in the top five. Kenny Kubec at 50 lbs and JJ Pugh at 65 led the way with 1st place finishes. Jonny Gilbertson was second at 55 lbs and Kelly Kubec finished 4th at 55 lbs. Tony Kubec placed 3rd at 75 lbs in the 11-12 year old group. In the 15-16 year category USA Everett had Tyson Springer take 1st at 143 lbs with Beau Minnick finishing 2nd. Michael Christian placed 2nd at 167 lbs. Competing in the 17-18 year division were Coyte Cooper at 143 lbs and Mike Bundy at 165 lbs with both wrestlers taking 1st place. Coyte is actually in the 15-16 year old division but was competing up a class. The next tournament will be at Edmonds, WA on April 12, 1997. Five of the 15-16 year old wrestlers will travel to Chicago, IL on April 9, 1997 to compete for a spot on the US national team that will compete at the "Cadet World Championships". Coyte Cooper has made the team the past two years (the first one as a 14 year old competing up) and is ranked number one nationally in his age and weight group.

Steelclaw Classic March 22, 1997

15 Wrestlers from USA Everett competed at the "Steelclaw Classic" in Sedro Woolley on March 22, 1997. Ten of the team members medaled with four of them winning first place. First place medalist were Viviano Gutierrez at 132 cadet, Kyle Waldron at 121 cadet, Tony Kubec at 75 novice and his brother Kelly Kubec at 55 midget. Finishing in second place in their divisions were Trase Pickering at 55 bantam, Kenny Kubec at 55 midget, Jonny Gilbertson at 60 midget and Beau Minnick at 143 cadet. JJ Pugh finished in third place at this tournament after winning 1stplace in the last two tournaments.

Bellingham Freestyle Classic March 15, 1997

USA Everett competed at the "Bellingham Classic" wrestling tournament in Bellingham, WA on March 15, 1997. Twelve of the team members medaled with eight of them winning gold. First place winners in the 9-10 age group were Kenny Kubec at 55, Jonny Gilbertson at 60 and JJ Pugh at 65 with Kelly Kubec 3rd at 55. In the 11-12 group was Tony Kubec in 2nd place at 75lbs. The 15-16 group was led by John Sharp and Tyson Springer with 1st place finishes at 132 and 143 lb weight groups while Kyle Waldron finished in 3rd place at 132. In the 17-18 age group the team had 3 champions, Lee Ottow 123, Coyte Cooper at 154 and Kyle Breckenridge at 165. Joe Kupec finished 2nd at 154 to his teammate Coyte. The team will compete on March 22,1997 at the "Steel Claw Classic" in Sedro-Woolley.

PNW Freestyle classic March 8,1997

USA Everett freestyle wrestling team competed at the PNW Freestyle Classic in Silverdale, WA on March 8, 1997. Winning first place medals in their division were Kenny Kubec of Marysville at 50 lb U10 and JJ Pugh of Snohomish at 65lb U10. Finishing in second place in their divisions were Kelly Kubec of Everett at 50 lb U10 and Jonny Gilbertson of Everett at 60 lb U10. Trace Pickering of Mill Creek was forth at 50 lb U8.

Northwest Collegiate Championships January 25, 1997

The Everett Grizzlies wrestling team competed at the Northwest Collegiate Championships in Sedro-Woolley, WA on January 25, 1997. The Grizzlies range from 5 to 12 years old and practice at Jackson High School under the coaching of Ron Anderson. Leading the team with first place medals were Levi Basinger and Jonny Gilbertson. In all a total of 24 Everett Grizzly wrestlers medaled in various age and weight groups and are listed below.

First Place Medals

Levi Basinger and Jonny Gilbertson.

Second Place Medals

Kiel Bates, Carl Breeden, Mykayla Gilbertson, Kelly Kubec, Mason Mazza, Ben McKinlay, Trase Pickering, J.J. Pugh.

Third Place Medals

Casey Brodie, Garrett Donovick, Greg Hill, Kenny Hudson, Tony Kubec, Patrick Pierre, Reed Walker, Chris Wise, Michael Wise and Cameron Wheeler.

Forth Place Medals

Mathew Lebar, Shawn Schwantes, Justin Shaw and Adam Wheeler.

This was the last collegiate style tournament of the year for this league. After taking next week off, many of the wrestlers will start turning out for the USA Everett freestyle team which competes from March 1, 1997 through the State Championships in May. The top six wrestlers in each age and weight group at State qualify for Western Regionals and the top wrestlers from there will qualify for Nationals.

Oregon Classic December 28, 1996

USA Everett Firefighters sole representative at "The Oregon Classic" was Jonny Gilbertson at midget 55. Jonny started the tournament with a bye and then wrestled Tory Nelson of TNT in the second round. Jonny lost to Tory 0-4. The next round he wrestled Trevor Hall of Battleground, WA and pinned him in :54 seconds. Next he wrestled Trevor Lofstedt of Roseberg, OR and pinned him in the second round. The last round Jonny had a bye again as the only remaining match was between Tory and Trevor Lofstedt. The only chance Jonny had for 1stplace was to hope for a victory by Trevor and then to maybe get first on points. Tory was too much for Trevor and won 7-3 thereby taking first place, with Jonny taking second for the second year in a row .

Oregon Classic Qualifier 12/14/96

USA Everett was represented at the qualifier by Jonny Gilbertson at 55 lb midget and JJ Pugh at 65 Lb midget.

Gilbertson started with a bye then beat his first opponent 10-0 in 50 seconds. He pinned his next two opponents. His next match was against Tory Nelson of TNT club of Oregon. We figured going into the tournament that this would be the championship match as both Tory and Jonny have been state champs in the past and they had a sudden death overtime match at last years Classic. Jonny wrestled excellent and was in scoring position four different times but either went out of bounds or ran out of time. With the score 0-0 in the third round Jonny was turning Tory with an arm bar and put a figure-4 around his head. The referee stopped the move and gave Tory a penalty point for illegal head scissor. Jonny went to work and turned Tory over again but time ran out before he scored. Final score was 1-0 for Tory Nelson. Jonny next beat Trevor Hall 6-2 and finished the tournament with a 3-0 victory over Doug Kivett of USA Oregon to finish in 2ndplace..

Pugh won his first match 11-3 then pinned a wrestler from Sprague in the second round. His next two opponents were from Newberg. JJ won the first one 9-2 and dominated with a 10-0 technical fall in the forth round. In the fifth round JJ ran into a tough wrestler from Seaside. Josiah Sigler was able to get a 3/4 nelson on JJ and pinned him. In his next match he lost to Andrew Poore 4-1, knocking JJ out of the tournament. JJ was disappointed in not qualifying for the Oregon Classic after being runnerup in the 1995 Classic but he gave everything he had.